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Never Stop On Learning-Dongguan Teshun Group Co.,ltd

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Never Stop On Learning

-Dongguan Teshun Group Co.,ltd

At any time, being content with the status will hinder our steps forward. We should take a long-term view, encourage ourselves, temper ourselves and constantly improve ourselves so as to make further progress.Teshun has been on the road of cultivation and self-improvement, and the learning journey has never stopped.

People are addicted to online shopping during 'double 11 day'. But our CEO Leo Lee went to Hangzhou to attend the exchange meeting,  learn new knowledge.In the process of learning, Leo find out the problems that need to be improved in Teshun at the first time, and timely connects with relevant personnel to improve the existing defects, so as to improve the rules and regulations and operation of Teshun. Under the leadership of Leo, the overall appearance of Teshun has taken on a new look, the corporate culture becomes rich and colorful, and PK competition becomes more exciting.

Now ,Let me introduce the great changes that took place in Teshun in November!
Change one: in order to let the guests know Teshun's salesmen well, We shot relevant videos,and put on our website accordingly.
The partners in Sales department have shot self-introduction videos, so that the guests can know more about taishun and rest assured about taishun.Everyone's video is short and rich, just a minute, the content covers a wide range,  let their own advantages to show to everyone .Foreign trade group and Japan group is recorded two kinds of video, foreign trade group in addition to recording Chinese version also recorded English version of video, Japan group is also, Japan group in addition to recording Chinese version also recorded Japanese version of video, gelivable business is to show their skills.

Teshun keeps pace with The Times and keeps ahead of the trend.As 2019 is coming to the end, teishun is becoming more and more powerful with more and more complete configurations and a more and more powerful talent team.These good news must be the first time to tell you, so the tesun company's introduction video has been updated.

Change two: New cultural wall, cultural wall is divided into three parts:  elegant demeanor,  wish tree, and team performance list. Added a big TV to show everyone's achievements, new achievements are completed, it will broadcast in time, and song to celebrate.This period of time singing has been around you, PK fierce, constantly changing, new orders to complete, singing naturally has not stopped.(if you have any wishes, tell me,and I'll write upto the wish tree)

Birthday Planning, Surprise Time
November 25, 2019 is the birthday of  our Production manager,  Under the leadership of Mr. Li, Wendy, three business managers and designers jointly designed a special birthday party for Him.
 We collect photoes of his mother,wife and children's,and made a PPT; Mr. Li, Wendy and the three business managers began to record a video of blessing.Before the birthday party, the planning team rehearsed for the party to go on smoothly.The whole preparation process is conducted in secret, to the planning team are absolutely confidential, to ensure the mystery of the birthday party.
The birthday was on Monday, so we held the morning meeting as scheduled.In the meeting, we pointed out much production problems, but also asked him to come to the stage to criticize.At this point, the meeting entered the climax and officially entered the process of the birthday party.

Return to the general assembly, look to the past
2019 is coming to an end. Will we still keep our original intention and achieve the goals we set for ourselves?More than a month has passed since the hero's journey. Do the heroes of teshun still remember their pledge?
Really let the deep reflection of the gene into the blood of teshun let the team's fighting force like fire burning up!Promote the smooth business growth.On the evening of November 29, 2019, foreign trade team made a reply. In the reply, everyone was open, honest, realistic, self-reflective and brainstorming.With ali's help, we strive to recognize the nature of the problem, take action, and improve personal ability.

In September and October, Teshun participated in two learning plans of hero Tours. In November, the organizer conducted a one-month inspection to witness the changes of participants, give full recognition and consolidate the achievements.Organizers to pass the issue of graduation certificates, the hero of Teshun all qualified, everyone is in accordance with their promise, continue to shine.

 Welcome New Members
Teshun is becoming more powerful and requires more staffing.In November, two more friends joined us!Let's warmly welcome Chen Dongfang and Shiny.
Belive with operation Dongfang joinin, with her assistance, the foreign trade department will be better and better, and teshun will be even better.

Excellent Employees
At the end of every month,people in Teshun will have democratic election choose the excellent employees, This month, the "double yellow egg" appeared again among the outstanding employees. It is accidental and inevitable that everyone's efforts will be seen.This month excellent staff - board room open material big sister Song Haiqiong and logistics uncle Zhou Chaowei.
Song haiqiong is a warm-hearted and responsible elder sister, who took charge of all the sample opening work by herself. She has been conscientious and conscientious since she joined the company. Her working attitude has been highly praised, and her name always appears in the top three in the excellent staff selection every month.Facts have proved that excellent people will be seen by everyone, but time is just a matter of time.This time, she was chosen as the best employee of course.
Food, clothing, housing and transportation are the things that everyone pays close attention to, affecting everyone's happiness.Logistics uncle zhou chaowei is responsible for the food of the taishun people and provides security for everyone in the back.In order to improve the quality of life, master zhou continued to develop new dishes.Comply with li's requirements, remove difficulties, do now eat, let everyone eat hot food.

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